massage therapy

Our Massage Therapists are highly qualified and passionate about helping you!

The basic philosophy of massage therapy embraces the concept of vis Medicatrix naturae, which means “aiding the ability of the body to heal itself.”

Some benefits of massage are:

  • Reducing muscle tension and stiffness
  • Relieving muscle spasms
  • Increasing joint and limb flexibility and range of motion
  • Increasing ease and efficiency of movement
  • Relieving points of tension and overall stress; inducing relaxation
  • Promoting deeper and easier breathing
  • Improving blood circulation and movement of lymph
  • Relieving tension-related headaches and eyestrain
  • Promoting faster healing of soft tissue injuries, such as pulled muscles and sprained ligaments
  • Reducing pain and swelling related to injuries
  • Reducing the formation of scar tissue following soft tissue injuries
  • Enhancing health and nourishment of skin
  • Improving posture by changing tension patterns that affect posture
  • Reducing emotional or physical stress and reducing anxiety
  • Promoting feelings of well-being
  • Increasing awareness of the mind-body connection and improving mental awareness and alertness generally