A New Year is always exciting.  It’s an opportunity to regroup and reset, to set new yearly goals.  It can also bring in a little extra and unwanted cushioning thanks to nan’s Christmas pudd and trifle!

So why get a Personal Trainer?  Do they really help you achieve your fitness and health goals?  Is the financial investment worth it?

These are good questions to ask and we have compiled a few of our top reasons as to the benefits of investing in a Personal Trainer

Education 101!  Our number one reason is about education, your PT is trained in teaching correct form and posture to avoid injuries and to maximise each and every training session.  They are also trained to execute the right exercises to achieve the fitness/health goals you are aiming for.  For instance if your goal is to build core strength but you spend all your time on cardio, you are unlikely to achieve your goal.

Motivation/Accountability!  Keeping motivated to reach your goal can be difficult.  A PT will ensure you remain challenged during your training sessions, pushing you outside your comfort zone.  Quite often we start with firm resolve but slowly excuses can creep in as we try and juggle our lives with our new goal.  Having a PT helps to hold you accountable to the goals you have set, How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself, ‘Tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, and do an hour workout before I get ready for work’, and then woken up and decided to sleep for another hour instead of exercising? If you have committed to an appointment it is more likely you will go than if you are relying on your own motivation to train. 

Mental Health!  We all know that exercise releases those happy endorphins, ok so does chocolate but unlike chocolate exercise doesn’t sit on your hips and say howdy every morning when you jiggle into your clothes.  A Personal Trainer knows the right exercises to release the most endorphins.  Your PT is like having an unofficial therapist, while your sweating bullets and your PT is barking orders with a smile, that’s far too toothy, you will be telling them about your week, how work is going, and what’s wrong with your life at the time. This is part of their role to help improve your overall wellbeing, to reduce your stress levels, the reality is your state of mind and thoughts are 100% responsible in whether you achieve your goals or not.

Schedule/Flexibility!  Not everyone is comfortable in a gym setting, especially if you are just starting out and feel a little awkward or unsure.  With PT’s you have the flexibility of choosing different training arenas, ranging from home setup, parks, beaches or the gym.  You can tailor your sessions to suit your preferences and time constraints.

In closing a Personal Trainer is your life coach, nutrition guide and motivator all in one, and without them your fitness goals can seem as easy as learning a foreign language in a day to achieve.  So my answer is a Yay, what’s yours?